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Rachel Li 李冰玥, BEC

Vice-President | Sales and Marketing

Rachel Li is the sales and marketing Vice-President at CanLingua and she deals with customer communication and product promotion. Ms. Li is also involved in direct marketing and distribution efforts.

Ms. Li completed her undergraduate degree in China and majored in Economics. Currently she is enrolled in the MBA program at Brock University, St Catharines, ON.


Andrea Yang 杨阳霏, BAcc, BA

Vice-President | Finance

Andrea Yang is the Vice-President of finance at CanLingua and she is responsible for directing all aspects of accounting operations and assisting senior management in financial planning and result management.

Ms. Yang majored in Accounting from the Chinese Culture University, Taiwan, when she was as an exchange student for five months. She also holds a dual degree from the University of Jinan and worked as an accounting assistant in the Yahuiya Bookkeeping Company, China, during a three-month internship after graduation.


Fergie Feng 冯昊月, BEng

Vice-President | Research and Development

Fergie Feng is the Vice-President of Research and Development and she focuses on  the day-to-day operations of R&D and completing technical reports. Her specific responsibilities includes assessing the technical feasibility of concepts and confirming operational compatibility for customers.

Ms. Feng got her bachelor’s degree in Engineering from China and before joining CanLingua, she worked at the Hebei Construction Group in 2017.


Helen Zhang 张佳慧, BEC, BBA

Vice-President | Public Relations

Helen Zhang is the Vice-President of Public Relations and she handles the external publicity and public affairs of the company.

Ms. Zhang graduated from Shanxi University, majoring in social and labor security and Economics. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Management and Economics. Before joining CanLingua she volunteered in different nursing homes, orphanages and communities for few weeks twice a year.