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Desktop Application for Microsoft Windows and MacOS

Be a better and more productive writer at college/university and the workplace


WordQ 5 Pro supports post-secondary students (including ESL and ELL students) and working professionals by offering technology with embedded practical strategies that help writers reduce spelling and grammar errors as they write, focus on their ideas and proofread with ease. These strategies help achieve a competitive advantage in school, business and in life through effective communication.


Key Features and Benefits

  • NEW PDF Reader - Open PDF documents for accessible reading and writing. In addition to general reading of a PDF document, fill out forms, complete assignments and tests that are provided in PDF format with the full functionality of WordQ. Currently available for Windows only, Mac version coming soon!

  • Advanced word prediction helps with spelling and grammar using an advanced vocabulary with a background prediction dictionary of 110,000 linguistically aligned words and phrases appropriate for college/ university and the workplace.

  • Easy-to-use interface supports online writing across desktop applications.

  • High-quality speech feedback allows writers to hear what they write in a clear and pleasant voice to immediately capture mistakes independently

  • Proofreading mode guides writers to readily and and correct spelling and grammar mistakes

  • Dynamic topics with integrated ThoughtQ technology helps writers research and write about an unfamiliar topic.

  • Speech recognition with integrated SpeakQ technology supports writers who have difficulty with conventional dictation software. (Windows only)